Our Process

We offer real-world solutions to organizational challenges with absolute discretion and confidentiality. We will work together to create an overall system that fits your lifestyle and budget.

  • Initial Assessment – We meet to get to know each other better and identify any organizational challenges. This meeting can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and costs $350. Using the information learned, I prepare your individualized action plan which will include product we might need to purchase, how long the project will take, and a budget for the scope of work discussed. Note: When you choose to move forward with the project, the $350 assessment fee will be refunded on your first invoice.
  • Hands-on Session – Time spent in each session is determined by the client, but generally lasts 3 to 4 hours and will cost $100 per hour. As long as your project remains within the original scope of work detailed on the Action Plan and in the signed Service Agreement, the cost of the project is guaranteed to remain within the agreed-upon budget.
  • Maintenance – We will meet again each month, quarter or year – whichever best suits your individual needs. The goal is to make sure the systems we put in place continue working for you. Any necessary tweaks or adjustments can be made at this time.